Validation Focus Group on the Draft Index Report


EC today has organized a focus group on the validation of the findings of the draft report of the Municipality of Prizren, within the Municipality Transparency Index.More

The Court shall render justice in Muja’s case at a reasonable time limit


The Forum "Transparenca" through this public reaction invokes the judiciary of Kosovo to take into consideration the provisions of the Constitution, namely, International Conventions on Human Rights related to adjudication within reasonable time in the case of the Mayor of Prizren and five of his accomplices. More

"Transparency" Forum reacts on the situation of the education13 November 2015


"Transparency" Forum has been attentively and concerningly following the recent developments in the Municipal Directorate of Education in Prizren, which were roughly the topic of the year, having been featured with arrests, imprisonment, dismissal and substitutions, alleged to be temporary, in one of the most important sectors of the municipality, on which depends not only the present but also the future of the country.More

Municipalities should increase control over the costs of representation and fuel


Municipalities of Kosovo have no written policies for expenses of representation or sufficient controls for fuel consumption. According to a document of the Office of the Auditor General...More

"Confrontation" Greening or Concreting space


Transparency Forum last night (08.26.2015) held third debate of the cycle "Confrontation" on the topic...More


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