Municipal Assembly

The Municipal Assembly of Prizren encompasses the following operations:

-    Municipal Assembly adopts the Statute and amends it when deemed necessary. The statute governs the implementation of the responsibilities of the Municipality as set out in this Regulation. The decision on the adoption or amendment of the Statute is approved by more than two thirds of members present at the meeting who vote after the review of such proposal.

-    Municipal Assembly adopts the Rules of Procedure and amends those when deemed necessary. The Rules of Procedure shall ensure the administration and control, including efficient financial control of municipal administration. The decision on the adoption or amendment of the Rules of Procedures is approved by more than half of the members present who vote at the meeting after the proposal is considered.

-   The Municipal Assembly may not delegate its responsibility for decisions concerning:
   o    The approval of the budget;
   o    The approval of other financial matters that are reserved to the Assembly by the Statute or the Rules of Procedure;
   o    Compensations for elected members;
   o    The annual report;
   o    Adoption, amendment or repeal of local laws;
   o    The establishment of the committees required by the existing Rules of Procedure;
   o    The election of the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson of the Municipal Assembly;
   o    Appointment of Chief Executive;
   o    Appointment of Board of Directors
   o    The level of fees and charges;
   o    The creation and use, in accordance with applicable legislation of central authorities, of municipal symbols, decorations and honorary titles;
   o    The naming and renaming of roads, streets and other public places;
   o    The drafting of plans and agreements in accordance with Chapter 1, paragraph 3.6 

-    The Municipal Assembly may delegate the competencies to render decisions to any committee of the Municipal Assembly, to the Mayor of Municipality or to the Chief Executive. The Municipal Assembly may withdraw the delegation at any time. Delegated powers may be extended further within the authority granted by this Regulation.

-    The decision for naming or renaming of any road, street or other public place shall be approved by at least two-thirds of the members of the Municipal Assembly.

To read the profiles of the members of the Municipal Assembly click here. Municipal Assembly’s regulations can be downloaded here.